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University of Washington
University of Washington

Congratulations to all the new Huskies invited to the University of Washington! The university picks students who show the Husky spirit and the potential to make a difference. Learning here is more than just classes; it aims to prepare you for success in life.

Are you ready to join the Pack? Head to the Must Do page to start your journey. You can finish enrolling, look at program choices, or check out campus help there. The university will be by your side to help at every turn.

Starting at the University of Washington is truly exciting. The school encourages new Huskies to post about their journey using #NewHuskies24 on Instagram. This way, you can meet others and make unforgettable memories together.

Looking to connect early with your peers? Join ZeeMee, an online chat community for the university. Here, you can talk to other new students, ask questions, and make friends for your whole college life.

The University of Washington offers great programs, a lively campus, and a welcoming community. Get ready for new chances, to learn more than you can imagine, and to meet people who could be friends for life. Welcome to the pack, new Huskies!

Key Takeaways:

University of Washington Campuses

The University of Washington is home to three campuses in SeattleBothell, and Tacoma. Each campus has its unique learning vibe. These, alongside a top-notch medical center, offer students a diverse learning experience.

Seattle Campus: A Vibrant Multicultural Hub

The Seattle campus at U of W is known for its beauty and cultural mix. It serves over 33,000 undergraduates with 180 majors to pick from. At this bustling campus, students find themselves in classes with top-notch professors who teach through hands-on methods.

Bothell Campus: A Student-Centered Community

The Bothell campus focuses on students and their growth in a cozy setting. It houses over 6,000 students, offering more than 50 programs. Small classes mean students get personal attention and form strong bonds with teachers and classmates. Its approach to learning encourages exploring various study areas.

Tacoma Campus: Located in the Heart of Downtown Tacoma

The Tacoma campus is right at the downtown’s pulse, brimming with academic options. It offers 40 undergrad programs, 25 minors, and certificates to tailor your education. Dedicated to the regional community, it connects students to local needs via projects and partnerships.

Aerial view of the University of Washington campuses, with lush greenery surrounding modern buildings and students walking between them. The iconic Drumheller Fountain is prominently featured in the center of the image, with water shooting up into the air. A clear blue sky fills the background, highlighting the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

The campuses in SeattleBothell, and Tacoma underline U of W’s holistic education model. Students can dive into Seattle’s vibrant city, enjoy Bothell’s cozy community, or support Tacoma’s local needs. No matter the choice, these campuses cater to students’ growth, both personally and intellectually.

UW Medicine and Research Excellence

UW Medicine combines a top medical school, a leading research arm, and a vast network of healthcare providers. This trio works together to further healthcare through excellence in education and research at the University of Washington.

In just 2021, UW Medicine saw over 1.6 million patient visits. It also provided more than $729 million in care for those who couldn’t afford it. This shows the university’s strong commitment to community health and making healthcare accessible for all.

The University of Washington stands as a pioneer in global research, earning the title of the world’s most innovative public university. With acclaimed faculty leading the way, UW continually makes significant advances in various scientific fields.

“The University of Washington’s research excellence attracts top-tier faculty and students who are passionate about solving real-world challenges and improving lives.”

Thanks to substantial federal funding, UW’s research arm drives groundbreaking projects in fields like medicine and environmental sciences. This support has led to countless achievements, including Nobel Prize winners and MacArthur Fellows.

Advancing Healthcare Through Research

At UW Medicine, research supports medical endeavors. The faculty and practitioners collaborate to turn discoveries into applied solutions that better the health of patients and communities.

UW’s research targets global health issues to enhance patient care and the healthcare system. Its holistic approach promotes teamwork between different fields, uniting experts to address complex health challenges.

Research Centers and Collaborations

UW Medicine hosts several leading research centers and institutes. These entities, bringing together various experts, tackle the most pressing medical issues.

The Institute for Protein Design stands out, focusing on creating novel protein-based treatments and vaccines. Its work in protein engineering could significantly change how we treat conditions like cancer and viral diseases.

There’s also a prominent partnership between UW Medicine and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. This joint effort boosts cancer research and care with the aim of making significant advancements in the field of oncology.

Educating the Next Generation

University of Washington is a cornerstone in medical education. It prepares future healthcare leaders through comprehensive training and an innovative curriculum.

Hands-on learning and mentorship help students tackle real challenges and foster a culture of innovation. They’re urged to take part in research, contributing to the advancement of medical science.

By pairing quality medical education with pioneering research, the University of Washington is at the forefront of healthcare innovation. It’s shaping the future of medicine with every student it educates and every research it undertakes.

University Leadership and Initiatives

The University of Washington is under the leadership of President Ana Mari Cauce. She aims for the University to be the best public school globally, focusing on making a positive impact. Her commitment to outstanding leadership and change has lifted the University to new levels.

Presidential Initiatives play a big role at the University of Washington. They guide the University’s growth, encouraging a culture of new ideas and advancement. These efforts aim to tackle important issues and empower everyone to make a positive difference.

The Race & Equity Initiative is a major push for the University. It asks everyone to face up to their hidden biases and to work on making the campus a fair and inviting place for everyone. It’s all about starting conversations, increasing understanding, and taking real steps to beat racism. The goal is to open up new chances for folks who’ve been kept out.

A group of diverse individuals standing together, symbolizing the inclusive leadership of University of Washington.

Next, the Population Health Initiative is making waves by boosting the health of both folks and places. Teams from various fields work together to understand and solve health issues, help the environment bounce back, and work towards fairness for all.

Finally, the Innovation Imperative Initiative is encouraging folks to think like entrepreneurs and tackle big global issues. It offers students and researchers the tools they need to turn their bright ideas into projects that make the world better.

All these initiatives show the University of Washington’s strong commitment to being a leader in change. It focuses on making a real impact on the world through education, research, and working with the wider community.

Global Impact and Alumni Association

The University of Washington aims high with a strong global focus. It’s deeply invested in education, discovery, and helping the public. The university works to have a lasting worldwide impact.

Its work and research go far beyond the state of Washington. They affect people all over the globe. Teams at the university often lead in new discoveries and help solve big world problems.

An active alumni base is key to the university’s worldwide reach. The Alumni Association is crucial in linking people who value higher education. It offers chances for former students to stay connected, help new ones, and learn throughout life.

“The University of Washington has provided me with the knowledge and skills to make a difference in the world. As an alumna, I’m proud to be part of a global community that continues to create positive change.” – Emily Johnson, UW Alumni

The University of Washington also relies on its former students for their skills and support. By getting alumni involved in various ways, the university stays strong. It offers chances for them to mentor, donate, and be part of activities.

The Alumni Association further helps grads with job resources and chances to expand their skills. They offer career help and special events, helping alumni succeed in their professions.

Benefits of the University of Washington Alumni AssociationDescription
Networking OpportunitiesThe association organizes networking events and provides online platforms for alumni to connect and expand their professional networks.
Career DevelopmentAlumni have access to career services, job boards, and industry-specific resources to support their ongoing professional success.
Continuing EducationThe association offers lifelong learning opportunities, including lectures, workshops, and online courses, to support alumni’s intellectual growth.
Philanthropic SupportAlumni are encouraged to contribute to scholarships, research initiatives, and other university programs to ensure future generations have access to quality education.
Campus EngagementAlumni can participate in various university events, attend lectures, and explore campus resources to stay connected with the vibrant UW community.

University of Washington Alumni Association

Create an image that showcases the global impact of the University of Washington Alumni Association. Incorporate elements that represent the diverse and international nature of the association’s members, such as flags from different countries or landmarks from around the world. Use colors that convey the idea of unity and collaboration, and include subtle references to the University of Washington brand, such as its signature purple and gold color scheme. The image should evoke a sense of pride and accomplishment for alumni while also emphasizing their role in making a positive impact on a global scale.

Join the Global Impact

The University of Washington and its Alumni Association offer many ways to make a difference. This is through research, community work, and supporting others. Let’s work together to create a better world.


The University of Washington is a top public school known for its dedication to learning. It offers many programs, making sure students get a full education and a place to belong. Its campus is lively and full of opportunities.

The school’s medical center is top-notch, preparing students in healthcare with great skills and chances. It’s also strong in research, giving students the freedom to explore new ideas and grow their expertise.

President Ana Mari Cauce has led the school in several key areas. They’re working hard to make a difference through efforts like the Race & Equity Initiative. They also put a lot into innovation, aiming to solve big social problems.

Being a top public school means the University of Washington is open to all. They want to uplift students from every background. By doing this, they aim to change the world with well-educated students who are ready to lead.

This university maintains its high standing by focusing on quality and welcoming everyone. It’s a place where students can learn, grow, and change the world for better.


How can I become a student at the University of Washington?

To study at the University of Washington, you must apply and get accepted. Then, follow the Must Do page advice on their website.

How can I connect with other incoming students?

The university offers ZeeMee, a chat platform, for new students to connect privately.

Is there a way for me to share my journey as a new Husky?

Yes, use #NewHuskies24 on your Instagram posts to share your adventures as a Husky.

How many campuses does the University of Washington have?

Washington has three campuses: one in Seattle, another in Bothell, and a third in Tacoma.

What majors are available at the Seattle campus?

There are over 180 majors for students to choose at the Seattle location.

How many undergraduate students does the Seattle campus have?

More than 33,000 undergrads study at the Seattle campus.

How many degree programs does UW Bothell offer?

UW Bothell has over 50 programs at the undergraduate and master’s levels.

What can you tell me about UW Tacoma?

UW Tacoma, in downtown Tacoma, has over 40 majors, 25 minors, and certificate programs.

What is UW Medicine?

UW Medicine runs a top medical school and a vast healthcare system.

How does the University of Washington support research excellence?

The University of Washington is a leader in research, known for its large funding and brilliant minds. Many of its researchers are Nobel Prize winners.

Who is the current president of the University of Washington?

Ana Mari Cauce leads as the university’s current president.

What are the presidential initiatives at the University of Washington?

Key initiatives include Race & Equity, Population Health, and Innovation Imperative.

How does the University of Washington make a global impact?

The university’s programs and research touch lives worldwide, upholding its mission of learning and service.

How can alumni stay connected with the University of Washington?

The Alumni Association helps keep alumni connected and engaged with the university’s journey.

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